Tips For Building Your First Home!

What can we expect from new homes in 2017 – Bigger and Better? 

Home buyers are more likely to see larger, better – equipped houses when they hit the market early next year. 

Tips for building your first home!

•    Planning – Property is an investment that is there to last forever. It would be wise to plan for the future: is it in a location where you would spend the rest of your life?

•    Work with the landscape – it is very important to feel safe and secure in your home. You should plan for things like fire exits and exterior lighting.

•    Green is key – There is a lot of green, water saving technologies in a range of prices. 

•    Keep it affordable – Really think about the spaces you need and what you can afford, with a bigger house you will have a bigger mortgage to pay.

•    In the details – don’t forget there should be a bathroom on each floor if you are building a multi – story house.

•    Leave it to the professionals – When building your first home make as many preparations in advance as possible and let the professionals create your dream.

•    Orient Correctly - When deciding on a floorplan, the orientation of your home matters. The direction and layout of your home affects which rooms get sunlight during the day

•    Choose the Right Builder- Perhaps the most important factor in the whole home building process is the builder. As a first time home buyer you want to go with someone who understands your situation but has the experience and skills to deliver a quality home.

•    The location is Key- When building a home, the structure and floor plans are up to you. Picking the right location is the biggest decision to be made at the outset. If you work in the city, access to public transportation should be a prime consideration. However, if you’re willing to drive slightly further, you can often get a better value on land.

Building your first home is a rewarding experience but while you are planning take some time to consider these points and make your home something that will stand the test of time. Remember, your home is likely to be the biggest investment you'll ever make.